Worldwide shipping of vehicles & logistics services


We safely bring your dream vehicle home.


We safely bring your dream vehicle home.


Worldwide Vehicle Shipping & Logistics Services


Our Service - Your Gain

Ocean Car has been your partner from Bremerhaven for vehicle shipping and logistics services worldwide for over 15 years. Fair, competent, and reliable!

Do you collect classic cars? Have you discovered your favorite automobile on the other side of the Atlantic? Or do you want to take your own motorcycle, car, or boat along when you move to your new address in the new world? With Ocean Car at your side as an experienced partner in logistics, shipping is easy and safe, and can be individually tailored to your needs.

Our years of experience and our reliable network in Europe and overseas make Ocean Car a highly competent service provider for shipping vehicles and importing cars from the United States and Canada. And since 2012 we have been offering our services for imports from the Emirates and Japan as well.

We are represented in all major ports in the United States, Canada and Japan by our partners.



Efficient Global
Vehicle Shipping

Through our partners, we are represented in all major ports in the USA, Canada, Emirates and Japan. Your vehicles and goods can set sail from the following ports, among others:

Shipping to and from the United States

New York, Baltimore, Norfolk, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles

Shipping to and from Canada

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax

Shipping to and from Japan

Yokohama, Kobe, Osaka and Nagoya


Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Our Logistics Service

And by the way - Ocean Car's services do not end at the dock. Your imports and exports are in good hands with us - from the time we pick them up from a dealer or at your own doorstep, while they are clearing customs, and to their delivery to the right address.