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Are you trying to import a vehicle or container goods from overseas - easily and safely? Without loads of paperwork and red tape? Punctually and with fully transparent costs? We are the answer you are looking for! Let us tell you about our services. Our multilingual team will help you with expert advice on your imports and take charge of all tasks.

We import vehicles

You saw your dream car while you were travelling? Or found it at an online auction site? And it’s not for sale in Germany but on a different continent—in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, or Kuwait? Learn here how we can help you bring it home!


We export vehicles

Exporting a vehicle can be well worth the effort. To make sure your vehicle reaches its destination safely, we can organize exporting it to an EU or non-EU country. We look after everything from shipping and insurance to customs clearance. We accompany your vehicle competently every step of the way.

Shipments / Special shipments / Shipping insurance

Ocean Car ships vehicles but also organizes the transport of other goods. We are your reliable partner for the specialized freighting of large machinery and boats. We procure the right shipping insurance to make sure your goods are insured against damage while they are on their way.

We import goods

Importing goods to Germany involves more than bringing them across the sea. We are happy to advise you, and to manage the processing of tariffs and import sales taxes as well. We are professional in organizing everything for your shipment, and we specialize in importing vehicles from the United States, Canada, Emirates and Japan.

We export goods

You intend to send goods abroad? You have come to the right address! We are your competent partner for organizing the shipment of your goods from their present location to their destination, and we deal with all the organizational and regulatory steps along the way.